Hereford Sires

Our Hereford cattle are the result of 58 years of performance testing, stringent culling and progressive genetic expansion. Our Hereford herd sires are a powerful set and through Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer we’ve maximized our best genetics and use other leading sires in the breed.

New for 2020: New A.I. Sires for our  2019 breeding season

 –  CL 1 Domino 6187D Owned by Cooper Herefords & VanNewkirk Herefords.  He’s a proven 8 Trait Leader at 3 years of age and was an easy choice for our program.  His EPDs tell the story….calving ease, rapid growth from  birth to  yearling, maternal strengths and exceptional Marbling (+0.52 – the breed average is +0.08)

CRR 169A Homerun 652 & CRR by Hometown 790T  are a limited venture into polled genetics.  Research pointed to these 2 promising Homozygous bulls from Coyote Ridge Ranch.  strengths are in Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Milk  and REA

Our goal is to meet the commercial producers’ needs with consistent, predictable bulls who have a balance of economically important traits. Fertility is primary.  We focus on performance, mo=derate birth weighs, increased maternal traits and improved carcass traits.

Our Hereford cattle are free of all known genetic defects.

SH 157K Ribstone 217Z ET #43201335




217Z ET, or “Milk Dud” as this family pet is called, leads our program today.  He’s a powerful 157K son, out of an excellent low BW donor.  We lost his dam (stifled) unfortunately as she was a top donor – a moderate,  frame, clean fronted cow with a lot of capacity and a perfect udder.  217Z is loaded with muscle, has a tremendous hip, big top and travels freely on sound feet.  His get, consistently show his influence, are low PAP and come with moderate birth weights – averaging 85 pounds at birth. There are 19 top sons in the 2017 sale .  They are extremely uniform and easy to spot.

 CED   BW  WW   YW  Milk   M&G   SC      Fat   REA  Marbl   BMI  Bll  CHB
 +10.5  +2.9   +42  +80  +20  +41 +1.9 +0.039 +0.39 +0.08 $292 $349 $105

BRC 175W Dandy B07 #43625756 (deceased)




BRC 175W Dandy B07 came to us from Brillhart Ranch Company, Musselshell, MT.  He was a well pigmented, big & thick bull but a moderate BW sire.  He’s had a big top and tremendous muscle, thickness and performance. His calves are  promising and they grow out well

  CED   BW    WW    YW   Milk    M&G   Scrotal      Fat   REA Marb
  +3.8   +3.5    +54   +84    +13    +40     +0.9   +0.019   +0.26   -0.07

SH 3027 Domino 607D #43705187

607D is a top son of UPS Domino 3027 (we raised 3027’s maternal grand sire, SH Diamond 881 who was sired by 164D) out of a high performing 2 year old dam.  His pedigree is loaded with maternal traits, calving ease and performance.  On the bottom side, he goes back to one of the best cows we ever raised – SH Miss Diamond 973 ( by164D). Until this year, we’d used him exclusively on heifers and his calves have kept pace with those off mature cows (check out his sons available this year)Like their sire, 607D’s bulls scanned well & had strong carcass Genomic EPDs – confirming their superior carcass qualities.  He bred some of our beset older females this summer.  Unfortunately we lost his dam at a young age.

CED   BW   WW   YW  Milk   M&G   SC     Fat    REA  Marbl  BMI  Bll  CHB
+7.7  +3.1   +55  +96 +32  +59 +1.2 -0.001  +0.56 +0.32 +$399 +$484 +$127

CL 1 Domino 6187 A.I. Sire #43691873

This proven 3 year old bull is a trait leader in 8 traits at his young age.


RR 169A Homerun 652 A.I Sire#43693975

UPS Domino 3027 A.I. Sire #42910728 (deceased)




3027 is a trait leader (top 1% for CED, M & Marbling; top 4% for M&G) combining exceptional calving ease with growth & good carcass data.  He and his progeny  show the influence of his maternal grand sire, SH Diamond 881 phenotypically ( see him below) 881 was the top selling bull in our 1999 sale to Upstream Ranch, Taylor NE.

CED  BW  WW  YW  Milk  M&G   SC    Fat   REA  Marbl BMI CEZ Bll CHB
+11.8 -0.8 +47 +76   +38   +61 +1.1 +0.045  +0.42  +0.43 +$520 +$20 +$611 +$1098

SH Diamond 881 #41012924 (deceased)



881 was the high selling bull in our 1999 sale to Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE, where he was considered a top maternal sire. He’s the maternal grand sire of UPS Domino 3027 – a trait leader for CED, Milk, M&G and Marbling.

+2.43 +4.2 +38 +59 +32 +50 +1.1 -0.005 +0.10 +0.29 +228 +$18 +$289 +$90

JNHR 414 Diamond 164D #19569556 (deceased)




164D is the foundation sire of our Hereford cow herd. He gave us fertility, muscle, milk (top 2.5% of the breed), easing fleshing ability & pigment.  The productive cow herd he gave our program is his legacy and it has crossed on outcross genetics very successfully.  He was a 2900 lb. gentle giant in his prime